Celebrating today 24 Years in Business

Today, 24 years ago, on September 27th 1988, Obelis s.a. was created by Mr. Gideon Elkayam.

Words from Obelis C.E.O. Mr. Gideon Elkayam :

“Looking backwards and into the future, I was convinced many years ago that alone, I will not be able to make it. Therefore I tried and managed to sway my children, Doram Elkayam & Sandra Ferretti to join me and take this ride together, I am blessed by God, having them rising up to the challenge and together making Obelis what it is today. We also give thanks to all the Obelis team (Employees & Interns) short or long term, each one contributed to the global success.

Finally, I am proud being part of this adventure, proud of my family, children, experts, employees, Interns and all which gave me so much support, trust and no less important friendship. Thank you all for the nice words, your friendship and contribution to this life achievement called “Obelis”. Thank you for who you are and for sharing with us all your outstanding knowledge, your belief in our company’s mission, vision and objectives, it made it all possible.”

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