Obelis s.a. is Celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

This year on Friday, 27th of September, Obelis s.a. is celebrating its 25th anniversary !

I am proud and honored to have reached this unique milestone in the company’s history.

Created in 1988, Obelis s.a. has encountered along the way successes, difficulties and challenges leading all to the company’s current position in the European regulatory niche – one of the largest European regulatory centers in the EU.

How far we have come! Working with companies from over 50 Non-European countries is what makes our company’s profile exclusive, our vision to expand and our leadership approach unique.

Though many milestones have been reached along the 25 years – development of services covering almost all “New Approach” directives, EAAR membership, ERPA creation, OLOS, OIO and experts networks development, ISO 9001:2008 & 13485:2003 certifications… and many others – we are not stopping here. We are looking ahead towards challenging projects as we are constantly focusing on anticipating and exceeding our clientele and future clientele’s service requirements.

All could not be possible without my children beside me, their support, contribution, believe and execution of the company’s policies, vision and mission.

As CEO, I am looking forward to an exhilarating future: a future for which I am grateful to the company’s Management (Mr. Doram Elkayam & Ms. Sandra Ferretti), the company`s Board of Directors and our devoted team members, who are all to be held responsible for Obelis’ successes and upcoming achievements.

Thank you all for your continuing support, Happy Anniversary to all of us!

Gideon Elkayam.
Obelis s.a.

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