Senior Consultant – Luminita Pascanu

Scientific Department & Executive Personal Officer to the CEO

Luminita Pascanu received a MSc in Applied Social Psychology from the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands and a BA in International Communication and Management from the International University in Germany, and completed studies in the US and Singapore.

With her communication and management background and her practical experience in the regulatory field accumulated in the last 8 years, Luminita holds a Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Senior Consultant position at Obelis.

Luminita is an advocate of practical and customized solutions with a focus on meeting regulatory requirements as well as the clients’ business needs. With a detail-oriented approach, she provides clients with a thorough understanding of the European regulatory framework with the goal of facilitating their products’ compliance processes towards their entrance to the EU market.
Within her current role at Obelis, Luminita is also responsible for quality compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, regulatory research, vigilance and cosmetovigilance processes.

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