Senior Consultant (USA Branch) – Stacy Livingston

USA Branch

Mrs. Stacy Livingston (formerly Stacy Edelen) played a pivotal role in the creation and establishment of Obelis’ operations in the USA, including the opening of its USA branch in December 2009. Stacy currently serves as Senior Consultant, with over a decade of expertise in EU Regulatory Affairs.

Throughout her career with Obelis, Stacy has fulfilled different roles in Obelis – marketing, business development, sales, regulatory liaison, client administrator, speaker and event manager. All of these roles have made her a vital player in the promotion of Obelis’ services and the understanding of EU regulatory requirements across many industries in the United States. Stacy is from Denver, Colorado and graduated from the University of Utah with a double Bachelor of Science, in Marketing and Psychology.

Obelis US office is located in Montgomery, Texas.

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