Life @ Obelis


Do you want to contribute to a safe European market?

By joining our team you will have the opportunity to make manufacturers and products better through compliance. To support the European citizens by making products available on the market, and ultimately, to contribute to creating a safer market.

Do you want to experience an authentic international environment?

You will be in daily contact with:

  • Manufacturers from over 70 countries worldwide
  • International organizations & professional associations
  • Ministries & Authorities across Europe
  • The European Institutions

Do you want to know what it means to become the consultant of choice?

Since 1988, Obelis’ expertise allowed our consultants to learn from leading experts and become a unique point of reference for different manufacturing companies, across different industries and worldwide markets.


“Employee Satisfaction before client Satisfaction” is the driving force of Obelis as an organization. Well-being, work-life balance, professional & personal development are all essentials within Obelis’ policies and procedures.

  • Take the lead – Obelis team members are constantly providing new ideas for doing things; they take risks; inspire people around; they learn from mistakes and think positive.
  • Go the extra mile – usual standards are not for us. Our team members are willing to deliver the highest quality results.
  • Keep growing! In a constantly changing reality the willingness to learn is crucial. We are aware of the importance of keep learning, sharing knowledge and helping others in order to advance further in our professional careers.
  • You are your first controller. Our team members are responsible and independent professionals, persistent to the goal and to make the difference.
  • Diversity – Differences enrich our workplace. Diversity at Obelis is not only respected, but pursued.
  • Trust! All our team members have an exceptional personal Integrity: honesty and strong moral principles which contribute to trustful and stable working environment.

A positive & caring environment

We spend most our life time working and sharing the same space with our colleagues. We understand the importance to create a social, dynamic and caring environment where having fun and building up healthy work relationship is necessary.

As a caring working environment is not limited to the employee’s area, at Obelis we take care of working relationships by organizing monthly team activities, recognition program and Happy Hours among others where peers have the opportunity to foster strong relationships and have fun together.


Obelis attends a large variety of events throughout the year, from international exhibitions to local conferences. Our experts will have the opportunity to travel across the globe (Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, New-Delhi, Dubai, Tel-Aviv, Sao-Paulo, Miami, Las Vegas & more) to represent Obelis in those events while ensuring we have a continuous first-hand impression of any regulatory updates, market developments and technological novelty.


  • Career Development
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Professional Trainings
  • Financial Benefits
  • Health & Well Being
  • Team Activities
  • Obelis Professional Community